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The ORNAMIN expert trainings and lectures address everyone who are interested in specific topics dealing with independent eating and drinking as well as eating and drinking aids or want to be instructed on the products by ORNAMIN. We are also happy to come to your place for the trainings.

ORNAMIN drinking aid

Preventing malnutrition with activating care

ORNAMIN knows the needs of people with disabilities as well as the concerns of relatives and caregivers who care for people in need of care at home or in an institution due to many years of cooperation with people in need of care. The functional tableware by ORNAMIN made of melamine aims to maintain the independence of people in need of care through active therapy.


In Germany, up to two thirds of elderly people are malnourished in long-term care institutions and hospitals – with serious nutritional consequences: increasing physical weakness, increased risk of pressure sores, bedsore, falls, susceptibility to infections, increased loss of mental abilities as well as depression and apathy.

The consequence: The need for care increases.

ORNAMIN eating aid for the care

Trainings & web seminars (only in German)

Interactive product trainings

Speaker: Gundula Oltmanns
Despite that our products are intuitively and easily usable, there is more useful to know about their special features. In our interactive product trainings our expert explains:
- how to make eating and drinking easy for everyone
- worth knowing details about the used materials such as melamine
- use and care instructions of the products

Gladly we provide special documents for the trainings and come also to your place.

Duration: on request
Location: individual
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Expert talks

Speaker: Gundula Oltmanns
Our demography appointee Gundula Oltmanns offers lectures about different specific topics such as:

- eating and drinking with dementia
- eating and drinking with all senses
- independent food intake for people with disabilities
- diseases dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson‘s
- activating care with eating and drinking aids
- expert standard for nutrition

Duration: on request
Location: individual
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Expert standard for nutrition

Speaker: Claudia Südmeyer
Exact contents:

Activating care with eating and drinking aids: safe through the MDK examination
What does the MDK and Expert Standard on Nutrition demand with regard to eating and drinking?
What do you have to pay attention to when using eating and drinking aids?
How can ORNAMIN's eating and drinking aids be used to maintain health?
Detailed article presentation including interactive testing of the solutions.

Further remarks:

You will receive RbP training points for this training (points can only be awarded to certified nursing staff from the areas of nursing, paediatric and elderly care with 3 years of training and a passed examination).
For an optimal achievement of the objectives of this training, ORNAMIN will coordinate the content of the event with you prior to the event.

Duration: about 90 min
Location: at Ornamin or your location
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ORNAMIN icon expert standard

expert standard for
nutrition is implemented

Icon: ORNAMIN Gemeinschaftsgefühl

cooperate feeling
at the table is encouraged

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individual skills
are considered

ORNAMIN independent eating and drinking

independent eating
and drinking is enabled

„The aim of care is often not healing but support in everyday activities. Despite possible health impairments or permanent disabilities, residents should maintain or regain a high degree of independence and personal freedom.“

Siegfried Huhn (2009): Praxisheft Ernährungsmanagement, p. 25.


Claudia Südmeyer

Ornamin training

For further information and for arranging individual appointments, please contact us.

Claudia Südmeyer +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-71