Food to take away


Enjoy on the go: Food for take-away

Sustainable reusable tableware for on the go

Lunch for take-away to the office, a salad to go for an outdoor picnic or yoghurt with cereals and fruits for the morning break: Food to go is not only practical but also environmentally-friendly and sustainable and represents an urban lifestyle. The meal will be prepared at home, filled in a to go bowl or to go cup and locked securely for take-away. Later it can easily be warmed up in the microwave. Instead of buying lunch packed up in disposable boxes from the supermarket, the bakery or the canteen, the meal can directly be filled in reusable boxes for take-away at the counter.

ORNAMIN Food to go Bowl
ORNAMIN Food to go Bowl
ORNAMIN Food to take away Bowls

Perfect for takeaway food

ORNAMIN to go bowls and cups are easy to transport and perfect for on the go. The reusable to go tableware is leakproof, lockable, space-saving stowable and ready to go by adding the suitable lids.

ORNAMIN Food to take away Bowls

Microwave safe

Meals and the ORNAMIN food to go tableware can be comfortably warmed up together in the microwave. After eating the food to go bowls, mugs and lids can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Sustainable take-away tableware

All food to go mugs and bowls by ORNAMIN are made of high-quality and break-resistant plastic (free of bisphenol A). The tableware is completely recyclable, sustainable, reusable and 100 % made in Germany.

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Example for a reusable project with food to go bowls

ECOBOX Luxembourg

The ECOBOX by ORNAMIN is implemented as a uniform returnable system in Luxembourg. In all participating restaurants meals can be taken with you in an ECOBOX for a fee and and enjoyed on the go or at home at a later time. On the next visit the ECOBOX can be given back or replaced by a professionally cleaned one.

ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg
ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup customisable

Sustainable returnable systems for cities

Reusable instead of disposable: With its coffee to go mugs and food to go bowls ORNAMIN offers a sustainable reusable solution for cities, bakeries, service stations, canteens and hospitals. All reusable ORNAMIN mugs and bowls can be integrated in uniform deposit systems and equipped with RFID technology.


All food to go bowls are all around customisable. Own logo, special colour or graphic – everything is possible, even with a low number of units. Gladly we will make you an individual offer.

ORNAMIN food to go-bowls customisable


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