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Statement to the publication by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) on the 25th November regarding the topic of melamine tableware

In one essential aspect the current publication of the BfR regarding the topic melamine tableware is conflicting with their previously made statements. In particular a recommendation is made to solely use melamine tableware for cold or lukewarm dishes as otherwise the risk exists that melamine or formaldehyde is set free. Based on their own investigations, the BfR declared in previous publications the use of melamine tableware for temperatures up to 70 degrees as harmless, e.g. for hot meals or beverages as well as short-term for the filling with boiling water e.g. in order to make tea. Laboratory results by diverse independent test laboratories as well as controls of the governmental veterinary and food control authorities confirm these statements and certify, if used properly, the Ornamin tableware made of melamine harmlessness with direct contact to food according to the very strict test criteria of the applying European guideline EU 10.2011.

We totally disagree with the current publication of the BfR. With this sweepingly made statement which is obviously conflicting with the above mentioned scientific findings, the BfR intervenes distortively in the market. The plastics association is working on a counterstatement including a request directed to the BfR to rectify this misinformation.

On our own account we complement the situation as follows:

1) The tableware manufactured by Ornamin is subject to strict and regular controls of the responsible veterinary and food control authority according to the European guideline EU 10.2011 for consumer goods made of plastic with direct contact to food.

2) The raw materials Ornamin uses for the production of plastic tableware comply with the strict guidelines of the EU 10.2011.

3) The conformity according to EU 10.2011 of the Ornamin tableware made of high-quality plastic is also confirmed by independent test laboratories.

4) According to the respective requirements Ornamin uses the optimal plastics:
– Mugs and cups are made of the BPA-free thermoplastic materials PP, PBT and SAN. These products are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.
– Plates are made of the sturdy plastic melamine to guarantee a high cut resistance. The products are dishwasher safe but not suitable for subsequent heating in the oven or microwave.
– Depending on the customer’s requirements, bowls are either made of the above mentioned thermoplastic materials or melamine with the mentioned characteristics.

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