Ideal for children’s hands

For nurseries, schools and at home: eating and drinking independently and safely

The ORNAMIN children’s tableware „For Little Heroes“ supports kids to eat and drink independently. The kids‘ tableware series has been developped especially for children and offers besides the nice colours and decors many practical features which provide security and a firm hold and help to eat independently.

ORNAMIN children's cup
ORNAMIN children's cup

Enjoy without any concerns

The ORNAMIN children’s tableware helps children to eat and drink independently. Plates, bowls and mugs are optimally adjusted in size and weight to the motorics and power of children. The non-slip grip pads offer secure hold and a non-slip ring under the base of the plate and bowl provides for a firm stand on the table.

ORNAMIN children's tableware

Child-friendly decors

The children’s tableware series is available in elegant white as well as with decors on fairy tales, cooking, adventure, zoo and games. The colorful, cute decors of the series “For Little Heroes” can have an appetising effect and bring fun to children’s meals. As the small ones like to spend a little more time for eating the series is also available as thermo dishes with cute children’s decors.

ORNAMIN children's tableware
ORNAMIN children's tableware
ORNAMIN children's tableware
ORNAMIN environment-friendly

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environmentally compatible

ORNAMIN tableware secure hold

security &
firm hold

ORNAMIN independent eating and drinking

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ORNAMIN dishwasher safe

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ORNAMIN extremely sturdy

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Discover ORNAMIN children’s tableware

You are looking for professional tableware for your nursery?

• Because the plates and cups are extremely break-resistant, they do not need to be frequently replaced.
• Thanks to different colors or decors make it easy to assign them to different groups.
• Grip pads and sleeves allow children to better grip crockery and require less help.
• The children’s tableware is customisable. Whether institution logo, special decor or pictures of children – everything is possible.
• Due to the particularly low-noise material, the noise level is greatly reduced when eating.

Foto: Tischszene Jungs am Tisch in Kindertagesstätte
Children are stimulated to eat by cute designs. When eating, more and more of the motifs will gradually become visible. This again encourages the children to enjoy eating. Especially for the very young eating at the lunch table is an important topic.

Ute, manager of a day-care center