Professional tableware for canteens in universities & staff restaurants

Quality tableware in the communal catering

Daily hundreds of dishes are required in canteens and student unions whereby common porcelain tableware wears out quickly and breaks – thus often replacements are part of everyday life. Moreover the loud shattering of the tableware creates a pleasant atmosphere neither for the staff nor the guests. The trendy bowls are also suitable for popular bowl and ramen dishes. All bowls and lids can be equipped with RFID technology in order to facilitate e.g. processes of payment and return.

Professional tableware for student unions

ORNAMIN has developped functional tableware for the catering in universities so that you do not have to think about these challenges anymore:

• ORNAMIN tableware is break-resistant, durable: saves time, minimises the risk of injury
• pleasantly quiet: creates a relaxed atmosphere while eating
• especially thick walls and a classy, scratch-resistant surface brilliance
• 100 % made in Germany
• made of high-quality plastic
• free of bisphenol A as well as other harmful plasticisers
• can be designed individually even for a low number of units
• absolutely dishwasher safe

Ornamin Geschirr Mensa Betriebsgastronomie

We use ORNAMIN tableware mostly because of the decisive advantages regarding environmental aspects, e.g. in terms of break-resistance and recycling possibilities. Recently we also use it for ‚our small ones‘ – with the special feature of an individually designed plate decor which is appropriate for children. This is very popular with the kids of parents who study here and visit the canteen of the student union Darmstadt together with their children. While planning and production ORNAMIN highly respected and included our individual wishes and offered many good suggestions for their realisation.

Andreas Bitschnau, Studentenwerk Darmstadt

Economical & efficient

With the high-quality tableware made of reusable plastic by ORNAMIN you can save 3,875 GBP and more over the usage time of five years in comparison to porcelain. This was proven by a survey asking professionals from trade and application. Thereafter, porcelain has a breakage rate of 15 – 50 %, whereas with reusable plastic it is less than 5 %.

Are you unsure how much tableware you need for your number of students? We are happy to help you calculating.

ORNAMIN Melamine breakage
ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup with high wall thickness


lower thermal capacity than glass and porcelain

Icon: Weniger Ersatzkäufe

less need for replacements

due to the durable quality plastic less breaks

ORNAMIN melamine particularly light

particularly light

plastic tableware weighs just about a third of porcelain

ORNAMIN pleasantly quiet

pleasantly quiet

low noise emission, no ear protection required

ORNAMIN correct tare

correct tare

lower weight tolerance than glass or porcelain

ORNAMIN environment-friendly


tableware made of reusable plastic is ecologically worthwhile recyclable

ORNAMIN tableware for canteens bowl
Ornamin Geschirr Mensa Betriebsgastronomie
ORNAMIN tableware for canteens

Reference projects

Professional ORNAMIN tableware for communal catering

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cups for canteens

Coffee to take away mugs for canteens

The reusable solutions for coffee to go by ORNAMIN are made of high-quality and 100 % recyclable plastic. They can be customised and are available in your desired colours even for a low number of units.

Food to take away & bowls

The bowl offers enough space for preparing and mixing the single components, for eating simply using a fork or a spoon. By adding the suitable lid to the bowl the food is also ready for take-away which makes it the perfect to go bowl. All food to go bowls and lids can be equipped with RFID technology, e.g. to facilitate processes of payment or return.

ORNAMIN Food to go-bowls for canteens
Ornamin Snack Platter

Snack platter

The snack platter is the right choice for a simple and classy presentation of meals. It is characterised by its premium visual appearance, a structured surface and a harmonic shape. The classy and puristic design allows a versatile usage.


Claudia Südmeyer

Ornamin contact for business customers

You are interested in the ORNAMIN high-quality tableware for professional use in canteens or staff restaurants? We are happy to make you an individual offer.

Claudia Südmeyer +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-71