Lived sustainability

ORNAMIN only produces sustainable reusable products with meaningful, additional benefits. The responsible handling of resources is a natural to us. All developed and manufactured reusable products by ORNAMIN are reusable and recyclable. We reject any waste of resources by producing disposable or disposable products. From energy production to recycling, we design our processes in an ecologically meaningful way in order to produce responsibly, ecologically and ethically sustainable.

Sustainable production

Low processing temperatures:
Whilst the processing temperatures of glass are about 800 degrees and those of porcelain even over 1000 degrees, thermoplastic materials only require about 200 degrees. This is how energy is already saved while production.

Cooling of machines in a closed cooling circuit with well water:
This enables to save valuable drinking water when manufacturing the products.

Foto: Nachhaltige Rohstoffe aus Kunststoff
Foto: gestapelte ORNAMIN Kunststoffteile


Recyclable materials:
For the production ORNAMIN uses exclusively recyclable materials as sustainability begins with the raw materials.

Recycling of scrap:
Occurring scrap in production is directly regranulated if possible and used again for production.


Own photovoltaic system:
ORNAMIN covers parts of its energy demand by a photovoltaic system installed on the hall roof.

High-efficient machinery:
When looking for new machines it is paid attention to highest possible energy efficiency and user-friendliness. The production staff is regularly trained internally and externally to get the best out of the machines.

Foto: ORNAMIN Photovoltaikanlage auf Dach Nachhaltigkeit
Foto: Maschine in Produktion

Usage of energy

Energy management system:
For the optimisation and improvement of the energy efficiency ORNAMIN uses an energy management system which is regularly audited by an external audit firm.

Usage of machine heat:
Energy savings are also realised by using the heat of the machines e.g. for heating.

Transport & fleet

Low weight:
Due to the light weight less resources are required when transporting in comparison to glass or porcelain – and this applies to both when transporting raw materials as well as goods.

Efficient fleet:
CO² limits for company vehicles are bindingly regulated in the corporate manual. Moreover vehicles with natural gas drive or hybrid drive are in use.

Foto: ORNAMIN Fuhrpark E-Auto Nachhaltigkeit
ORNAMIN Coffee to take away

Made in Germany

From research and development to production and sales: All processes take place in Minden (Westphalia) in Germany.

Same with regards to the recycling: Scrapped products are added again to the production cycle in Minden and used to manufacture new products.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go Reusable Plastic Tableware

Reusable plastic tableware

Ornamin sets a sign for sustainable consumption and against increasing pollution and waste of resources and develops sustainable and reusable tableware made of high-quality plastic.

Sustainable “to go” solutions

Ornamin develops and produces sustainable solutions for take away. The coffee to go-mugs and food to go-bowls can be individually and dishwasher safely decorated. Moreover the to go bowls and lids can be equipped with RFID technology, e.g. in order to facilitate processes of payment, deposit or return.

ORNAMIN take away tableware: reusable solutions

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