We produce in a resource-efficient way and 100% Made in Germany.



Our contribution: avoid waste before it is created.



Rethinking instead of throwing away: our reusable mugs can be used multiple times and are recyclable.


Sustainable high-quality plastic products

... last longer, save money and make fun

A product that is supposed to be truly sustainable should have a long-term benefit. This is why high-quality plastic is the better alternative wherever other materials lose out simply because of their vulnerability. Broken plates? In the long run quiet expensive. The use of sturdy and durable plastic avoids unnecessary replacements. ORNAMIN tableware helps to save a lot of money in nurseries, schools or canteens.

2,8 billion disposable cups are used solely in Germany every year. This is too much. By using our reusable products we avoid single-use waste and reduce the mountain of rubbish. The to go mugs and bowls make fun due to their easy and safe handling, prevent the environment and give a good feeling.

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup recyclable


Our reusable products are 100 % recyclable.

ORNAMIN extremely sturdy

Durable & break-resistant

Due to the durable high-quality plastic the reusable tableware is especially sturdy.

ORNAMIN environment-friendly

Ecofriendly & harmless

The high-quality reusable plastic is harmless and free of bisphenol-A as well as other harmful plasticisers.

Sustainable products

Rethinking instead of throwing away

Sustainable processes

All in the green area: from energy production to recycling

Ornamin develops and produces solely sustainable reusable products with reasonable, additional benefit which are also recyclable. In order to produce reasonably, ecologically and ethically sustainable, we shape all of our processes ecologically reasonable. We strongly reject the waste of resources caused by the production of disposable or single-use products.

Recycling of rejects


Sustainability begins with the raw materials. This is why ORNAMIN uses solely recyclable materials. If possible, rejects generated during production are directly regranulated and returned to the production process.

Foto: ORNAMIN Photovoltaikanlage auf Dach Nachhaltigkeit

Energy management system & solar energy


ORNAMIN uses a regularly externally audited energy management system to optimise and improve energy efficiency. Energy savings also result from the use of machine waste heat, the photovoltaic system and the low processing temperatures of thermoplastic plastics. These are only approx. 200 °C. For comparison: glass is used at approx. 800 °C and porcelain even processed at over 1,000 °C.

Highly efficient machines & vehicles


All machines are cooled in a closed cooling circuit system with well water. This enables a large saving of valuable drinking water during production. When selecting new machines, the highest possible energy efficiency and user-friendliness are taken into account. CO2 limits for company vehicles are bindingly regulated in the company manual. Vehicles with natural gas or hybrid drive are also used.

Foto: Maschine in Produktion
ORNAMIN Coffee to go Becher

Faithful to location due to conviction

Made in Germany

From development to production and distribution: All processes take place in Germany at our headquarters in Minden (Westphalia). This also applies to recycling: discarded products are returned to the production cycle in Minden and used for further processing for new products.

ORNAMIN Responsibility Engagement

Sustainable contribution

We are committed

If you want to live in a better world, you have to make an own contribution to help make it better. This also or especially applies to us as a company and is lived and supported by our employees. We are happy to take on responsibility and are committed, for example, to:

  • Verein 100 % für Afrika e.V.
  • International Campaign for Tibet
  • Winterprojekt – Lakota (
  • World Vision Deutschland
  • support of regional cultural and sports events as well as nurseries
  • Flüchtlingspartner Minden
  • addiction care – prevention for pupils and parents
  • Wildwasser Minden

Sustainable on the go

To Go

ORNAMIN develops and produces sustainable to go solutions which last much longer than single-use products due to the high-quality plastic. This is how the durable reusable cups and bowls become a constant companion in everyday life that not only protects the wallet but also the environment and avoids waste.

ORNAMIN Coffee to take away