Ostwestfälischer Wortschatz

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„With our gift ideas we would like the regionally typical slang which had been developed in the past hundreds of years in East-Westphalia to come alive again and to keep it alive. The coffee to go cup fits our product range of practical and original gifts as it combines tradition with modernity as well as quality and sustainability. What is more is that the cup is manufactured in the east-westphalian Minden – so it is made in OWL from the idea to the production.“

Managing director Peter Vennebusch
of Projekt Marketing

For the region East-Westphalia with its about 2 million residents in 56 cities and communities something has been created which literally makes the old slang and phrases used in OWL come alive again. Besides classic posters, many nice gift ideas regarding the OWL vocabulary can be found in the shop „Schöne Dinge Shop“.

One of them is the coffee to go cup by ORNAMIN which has been foiled with new and unique words used in East-Westphalia. The stylish companion for everyday life combines the current to go trend with sustainable consumption. The „Klüngelpott“, „Knickerbold“ and „Knötterpott“ will be glad about it.

ORNAMIN Cup Ostwestfälischer Wortschatz
ORNAMIN Cup Ostwestfälischer Wortschatz
ORNAMIN Cup Ostwestfälischer Wortschatz

You have any questions regarding the sustainable coffee to go reusable cups or need further information?

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