Mannheim – Bleib deinem Becher treu!

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„Nowadays coffee to go is an integral part of the urban lifestyle. The consequences for the environment and cityshape are huge amounts of wasted resources, clogged rubbish bins as well as dirty roads and park areas. The campaign „Bleib deinem Becher treu!“ proves the opposite: With durable reusable coffee to go cups by ORNAMIN we combinate coffee to go and sustainability. Together with our partners we want to avoid trash created by disposable cups and thus make a contribution for an attractive, sustainable city.“

Agnes Schönfelder,
Head of the climate protection unit of the city of Mannheim
Caroline Golly,
Project manager at the climate protection agency Mannheim.

The city and climate protection agency of Mannheim have started the campaign „Bleib deinem Becher treu!“ in cooperation with the advertising association Mannheim-City and the civic and trade association Östliche Innenstadt.

A system with different variations: Basically every entrepreneur who offers coffee for take-away can become a partner. At the moment 14 companies with over 50 selling points are taking part – these are characterised by stickers, posters or displays.

On those you can see whether a cup can be 1) filled, 2) filled and bought or 3) filled, bought and swapped.

Used cups can be given back by receiving a token coin. This coin can be exchanged for a clean cup at all partners who are taking part in this exchange system.

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ORNAMIN Reference Mannheim - Bleib Deinem Becher treu!
© gold united GmbH Werbeagentur

You have any questions regarding the sustainable coffee to go reusable cups or need further information?

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