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„When looking for a small and reasonable gift for our bus drivers we came across the reusable coffee to go cups by ORNAMIN. After receiving the sample package we were quickly convinced by the ecological and economic advantages of the product. What is more is that they fulfill our requirement of sustainability.“ 

Ulrike Karl – management
Landesgartenschau Lahr 2018 GmbH

Lahr – the town of flowers between the Rhine and the Black Forest experiences a unique exhibition year with the 27th Landesgartenschau in Baden-Wuerttemberg. From 12th April to 14th October the visitors can expect impressing gardening inspirations and blooming theme worlds combined with a colourful, versatile event programme on a 38 hectare, completely newly planned area.

Apart from the visitors of the Landengartenschau also the bus drivers should not miss out. They receive a practical coffee to go cup with the logo of the Landengartenschau Lahr as a gift. This sustainable and reasonable travelling companion can be used for cold and hot beverages and is also leakproof thanks to its lid.

ORNAMIN Reference Erich Nonne
ORNAMIN Reference Erich Nonne
ORNAMIN Reference Landesgartenschau Lahr

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