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„At SuperDrecksKëscht we especially deal with the complete consideration of processes for waste avoidance in order to not live at the expense of the environment and future generations. Within our project Eco-Box, particularly the entirety of the process evaluation convinced us of Ornamin. The complete product life cycle of the Eco-Box is represented at Ornamin – from the product development to the production and recycling. The quality of the Ornamin articles and the existing know-how in the field of articles with food contact is what convinced us.“

Thomas Hoffmann
Coordination public relation / communication of SuperDrecksKëscht®

The new reusable system in Luxembourg

Sustainability is what everyone talks about nowadays, this also includes the respectful handling of food and the avoidance of waste. For Luxembourgian gastronomy providers this is nothing new. The quality of meals and conscious eating are part of the ‚business‘. A series of hotels, restaurants, cafés and canteens already offer their guests on demand the possibility to take the rest of their meal home. What is missing is a national standardised system which facilitates the take-away of meals for both the institution and the guest.

Within the national waste management plan and the national plan for sustainable development it is the task of SuperDrecksKescht® to plead for an environment-friendly, energy and resource-saving economic approach. By using the ECOBOX by ORNAMIN guests can take their meal respectively the rest of it home and enjoy it later. This preserves the environment and avoids waste. The restaurant can do promotions with its ecological actions and win new customers respectively bind existing ones.

How does the system work?

ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg

1. Participating institutions will be equipped with the Ecobox by ORNAMIN. These are well recognisable due to the special logo.

ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg

2. In all restaurants which are taking part meals can be taken with you in an ECOBOX for a deposit. These meals can be eaten at home, on the go, at work etc. later on.

ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg

3. On the next visit the ECOBOX will be given back and you receive the deposit or the box will be exchanged with a professionally cleaned ECOBOX in which you can take meals home with you again.

ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg

4. Defect ECOBOXes can be exchanged with new boxes in all participating restaurants. Then these ones will be sent back to ORNAMIN and be used as a raw material for new products.

Further details and participating companies you find on

ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg
ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg
ORNAMIN Reference ECOBOX Luxemburg

You have any questions regarding the sustainable coffee to go reusable cups or need further information?

Claudia Südmeyer
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