Bielefeld to go!

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„On the way of avoiding disposable coffee to go cups we have tested several cup models. At ORNAMIN we have found a light cup with a dishwasher safe design and in the required size for all offered hot beverages. It was important to us to find a manufacturer with experience in food hygiene whose production is located in the region.

Andreas Geisler
Project manager in environmental services

Due to the reusability of the cups an example for sustainable consumption is set. The city of Bielefeld and the politics support this idea.

The practical reusable mugs are available in a red Bielefeld design, a blue Arminia design, a green design of the Lechtermann-Pollmeier bakeries, in a black Olsson bakeries design and a dark green design of the Westfalen-Blatt.

For the refilling of a Bielefeld to go cup the participating companies grant their customers a discount of at least 30 cent. The cup does not only prevent the environment but also the wallet. On the coffee map of Bielefeld you will find all participating partners. There you will get a Bielefeld to go-cup or have the opportunity to refill your own one. By now there are over 70 selling points and further partners granting a discount.

ORNAMIN Reference Bielefeld to go!
ORNAMIN Reference Bielefeld to go!
ORNAMIN Reference Bielefeld to go!

You have any questions regarding the sustainable coffee to go reusable cups or need further information?

Claudia Südmeyer
P: +49 (0) 571 88 80 8-71