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The functional crockery with features offers people concerned new possibilities to regain independence at the dining table.


Independent eating and drinking after a stroke

Eating independently tastes best

Possible consequences of having a stroke such as hemiplegia sensory disturbances in arms and legs, speech and vision disorders, shaky hands, limited movement in the neck or the lack of a healthy, second hand make it difficult for many patients and carers to find back into everyday life. Simple things become a challenge – even eating and drinking. The need to be fed, to spill food or drinks on yourself or the table can affect strongly the self-esteem of someone or even lead to a refusal of food intake. The ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids encourage independent eating and drinking and make everyday life a little easier.

Stroke aids by ORNAMIN


Special cutlery for stroke patients

With hidden features in knife, fork and spoon the cutlery supports independent eating when struggling with limited mobility in hands and fingers. Fork and spoon have an S shape, are well balanced and can be held and used more comfortably than regular cutlery.



Safe independent drinking

To make drinking easier, drinking cups and mugs should be ergonomically shaped and combinable with discreet drinking lids: Like the Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone which is comfortable to hold thanks to the two large handles. This provides more security when drinking independently. More features are hidden inside the mug: The internal cone ensures that the neck is not overstretched when emptying the mug and the thermal function keeps drinks hot or cold for longer.

Foto: Anja Gelken

In our self-help group for children who have had strokes and their parents, eating with a disability is a recurring theme. I came across ORNAMIN tableware through some acquaintances. Many affected families in our self-help group now use SCHAKI, the plate with the sloped base, the cup with non-slip flower and the non-slip board by ORNAMIN. The invisible supportive features enable self-sufficient eating in spite of motor restrictions and make the everyday life of people who have suffered strokes easier.

Anja, leader of a self-help group

Foto: Birte Oldenburg

In the first few years following my stroke, I was very tired and floppy. It was difficult for me to go through everyday life only using the left and a not fully functional right hand. On some days I can now even hold things steady with my left hand and cut with my right. It‘s really hard but I practice a lot. ORNAMIN tableware really helps me in this. It makes my everyday life easier and gives me a bit of independence back because I‘m no longer dependent on other people – that‘s what I call freedom.

Birte, stroke patient

Features for independent eating and drinking after a stroke

A stroke, also called apoplexy, brain injury or cerebral infarction, is a disease that strikes abruptly, literally striking the patient and seemingly coming out of nowhere. Nothing is like it was before – a stroke can change your whole life in the space of a minute. And often not just the lives of those immediately affected. While quick assistance is needed when the symptoms appear, those affected and their relatives need to take it slowly during rehabilitation and aftercare – and they also need good daily assistance.

Consequences of a stroke may be speech disorders, vision and balance disorders as well as disturbed consciousness and perceptual disorders in the cognitive area, personality changes like apathy, resignation, sudden outbursts or depression in the affective area and hemiplegia, sensory disturbances in arms and legs and dysphagia in the motoric area. Many effects are temporary, some might last years or stay forever.

Carers shouldn‘t make it too easy for those affected by taking over hand movements such as buttering bread or ladling soup, even if their actions are well-intentioned. After all, only through continual practice and trying can the lost skills be restored and retained.

The ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids

ORNAMIN independent eating and drinking

… help with retaining and promoting independence thanks to their intuitive handling (Universal Design).

ORNAMIN melamine brilliant optics

… provide orientation for those with limited vision thanks to the colourful contrasts.

ORNAMIN relief of the care staff

… relieve those affected and their carers and helpers of some of the burden.

ORNAMIN relief while eating and drinking

… make eating and drinking with limited motor skills in hands, arms and neck easier.

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5 facts


• Worldwide stroke is the second most common cause of death.
• People over 65 are the most affected group.
• There are 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK.
• A stroke is caused by inadequate blood circulation in cerebral cells.
• Functions like vision, speech, swallowing, sense of movement and coordination can be affected.


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