Intelligent crockery with hidden features


Independent eating and drinking made easy

Perfectly adjusted to individual needs


Whether it is dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's

Discreet and intuitive support


Intelligent daily living aids for people in need of care and caring relatives

Professional tableware for care institutions & hospitals


Low weight, functionality, virtually unbreakable: the tableware with features offers many advantages for professional use as well.


We are the care experts

For the professional and domestic care

ORNAMIN’s mission is to maintain the independence of people in need of care and to facilitate everyday life of caring relatives and professional carers with intelligent eating and drinking aids.

ORNAMIN independent eating and drinking


Maintain and support independence due to intuitive handling

ORNAMIN relief of the care staff

More time

Relieve people concerned as well as carers

ORNAMIN relief while eating and drinking


Facilitate eating and drinking with limited motor skills in hands, arms and the neck



Colourful contrasts provide orientation with limited eyesight

Tableware with features

Hidden features

Our intelligent tableware has discreet features invisibly hidden in the design. They facilitate independent eating and drinking without anybody recognising them as the eating and drinking aids look like common crockery. Smart, isn’t it?!

Ornamin Ess-Trinkhilfen für pflegende Angehörige

Care at home

Caring relatives

Safe eating and drinking on your own despite a disability. Our intelligent daily living aids offer discreet support, support caring relatives and give people in need of care a little bit independence back.


Crockery for every disease

Perfectly adjusted to individual needs: Whether it is dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s – our eating and drinking aids start supporting where the body reaches its limits. This is how independent eating and drinking makes fun again despite shaky hands, swallowing difficulties, weakness or poor eyesight.

ORNAMIN dementia tableware

As wholesaler we are active for 2 decennia in the world of adaptions for Daily Living, products for special needs. Often are these products functional, but very visible and many are old fashion. It is very refreshing that a company like ORNAMIN invests successful in the development of new high quality products with a contemporary design. The superb tableware range with features is an excellent example of close cooperation between ORNAMIN and the input from customers, therapists and partners.

Dirk De Vylder,
Managing Director
ADVYS bvba

The product range from ORNAMIN appeals to many people in Denmark from small children and their parents to elderly people. The nice design and the well thought out purpose for each cup and plate cover the need for aesthetic table setting. The clear colours and genuine material facilitate the motivation for participating in meals for everyone. It is a pleasure for Birdhouse to be able to offer Danish customers such high quality products!

Helle Grøndahl,
CEO, Occupational Therapist
Coach EMCC, NDT Bobath Therapist

We like to use ORNAMIN’s eating and drinking aids in all our areas, from the handicapped child in the nursery and day-care centre, the disabled adult to the elderly in need of care in the inpatient facilities. The residents get along very well with the plate with sloped base, because they no longer need a food bumper.

Lucia Krüger
Regens-Wagner Foundation Dillingen, Burgkunstadt

It is important that the students in the care of the elderly always get to know the latest products. During the presentation ORNAMIN introduces the latest eating and drinking aids, the students can try them out (own experiences) and give feedback. Then we consider together to what extent these can be involved into the new development.

Ute Wiese
Independent Lecturer for Care of the Elderly

We always want to provide our customers high quality according to the latest expert standards, we also rely on innovations and see ORNAMIN fulfilling these criteria in the best possible way. We particularly appreciate the practical orientation and the development in cooperation with institutions. This enables us to offer our customers the best solutions in the field of drinking cups, as they have been developed and designed for practical use by experts from practice.

Tobias Steinhoff
Product Management, Ludwig Bertram GmbH

Since we have been using ORNAMIN’s tableware series with features in our facility, there has been no breakage, the residents can eat independently and the great colours contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. The crockery is also an enormous relief for the carers.

Yvonne Schamach and Birgit Flopianka
Group Leaders Heide Werkstätten e.V.

I think it is very important that disabled people, especially in nursing homes, are supported by functional and attractive aids, such as cutlery and crockery. This gives them more security and increases the quality of life.

Prof. Dr. Volker Peinelt
University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein
Department of Ecotrophology

Aids such as those from ORNAMIN can be a valuable help in supporting everyday activities such as eating and drinking. Patients/residents should maintain or regain a high degree of self-reliance and personal freedom despite health impairment or permanent disability. An eating aid such as the plate with sloped base offers in many cases exactly this help while ensuring very high suitability for everyday use.

Siegfried Huhn
Nurse and Health Educator with Further Education in Nutrition Medicine

Targeted support, an extremely appealing design and excellent performance characteristics. From a domestic point of view, the tableware of ORNAMIN offers individual solutions for support. If support is needed, aesthetics must not be forgotten. And this is given at ORNAMIN.

Martina Feulner
Graduate Oecotrophologist
Member of the Executive Board of the German Society for Home Economics

For decades, we have been in a strong and very good partnership with ORNAMIN which extends to joint product development. We particularly like the innovation rate at ORNAMIN – they always keep their ear close to the market and implement ideas and needs in line with the market. Other important aspects are the quality of the products and the delivery reliability, which always works very well at ORNAMIN.

Rainer Killig
Head of Procurement, WIBU Wirtschaftsbund

Only a few manufacturers and designers succeed in developing products that, in their functionality and formal design, meet the requirements of the widest possible user groups – from young to old. With the product range with features, the ORNAMIN team has not only succeeded in meeting new market challenges in the context of demographic change with well-thought-out solutions, but also in integrating reference consumers and ORNAMIN employees in a solution-oriented dialogue. We consider this approach to be exemplary! We look forward to further innovations!

Thomas Bade
Managing Director universal design GmbH Hannover

Care aids with smart design

The special tableware with hidden features in the design by ORNAMIN has been developed together with people in need of care and occupational therapists and is adjusted to the special needs of patients, carers and hospital staff. The ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids support to maintain independence while eating and drinking. They are intuitively usable, not stigmatising, relieve the care staff and increase the quality of life of people concerned.

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Essbrett, 28 x 21 cm mit Zubereitungshilfe
Essbrett, 28 x 21 cm mit Zubereitungshilfe
Einnahmebecher 25 ml
Einnahmebecher 25 ml
Tischset Antirutsch 40 x 28 cm
Tischset Antirutsch 40 x 28 cm
Schnabelaufsatz große Öffnung (ø 13 mm)
Schnabelaufsatz große Öffnung (ø 13 mm)
2-Henkel-Becher 220 ml
2-Henkel-Becher 220 ml
2-Henkel-Becher mit Trink-Trick 140 ml
2-Henkel-Becher mit Trink-Trick 140 ml
Becher mit Antirutsch-Blume 220 ml
Becher mit Antirutsch-Blume 220 ml
Schale 450 ml, rund
Schale 450 ml, rund
Thermoteller Ø 25,5 cm,
Thermoteller Ø 25,5 cm,

You are looking for care aids for professional use?

Eating and drinking aids for the care

ORNAMIN eating and drinking aids support independent eating and drinking for people in need of care. They give people concerned a little bit of independence and dignity back. Caring relatives get time for the essentials. For professional use: The crockery is more economical and sustainable than tableware made of glass or porcelain. It relieves carers in hospitals and nursing homes and allows them to spend more time for the care.

Ornamin Ess-und Trinkhilfen für Senioreneinrichtungen

Care institutions


In the kitchen: longer durable and safer than porcelain or ceramic tableware and an essential relief for the kitchen staff. In the care: the special tableware supports people living with disabilities in independent eating and drinking. This is how the care staff has more time for the essential things: the care.

Ornamin Ess-und Trinkhilfen für Klinik und Krankenhaus



The innovative functional tableware relieves everyday life in the care, supports independent eating and drinking and makes life a little bit more self-determined. In the different care sectors the aids by ORNAMIN offer support in everyday life and increase the quality of life of people concerned.



Little help, big effect – discover where the intelligent eating and drinking aids by ORNAMIN are already in use.


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You are interested in the break-resistant tableware for the care by ORNAMIN? We are happy to make you an individual offer.

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