Sustainable - human - fair



Our vision

We change people’s lives sustainably with smart designed products.


We will strengthen and develop our international market leadership in the field of innovative eating and drinking aids. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of people by sustainable solutions and innovative products. What we do we do for people. Thereby we strive for excellence and do not accept mediocrity.

Corporate culture

Every employee at ORNAMIN makes a contribution to the whole by its tasks and targets. Mutual trust is the basis of our cooperation. We obtain results by being results-oriented. A constructive standard of living is what makes us think about chances instead of problems. We achieve international top performances by strengthening strengths. Focussing on the essentials helps us to deal correctly with important matters.


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We do our best for our customers. We do everything to excite our customers as long as it does not affect our corporate ethics.


We refuse any kind of child labour or human rights abuses as well as collaborations with doubtful contacts.

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We deal with climate and demographic change, prevention of resources, sociopolitical and economic developments and make a sustainable contribution for the next generations.

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We do everything in order to develop the individual skills of each employee further regardless of age, origin, education and gender.

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Recycling as well as responsible handling of resources is natural to us. Machines, vehicles and products make an ecological and economic contribution.

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Ornamin is much more than just a plastics factory – with our commitment we make sure that people are better off, especially those who are in need of help.


Zero single use plastic: sustainably produced and 100% Made in Germany.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct describes the corporate principles regarding the responsibility for people and environment that the ORNAMIN group feels obliged to.