Vision & Values


What we do we do for people

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For our customers

If our customers are pleased, so are we. We all want to have as much joy as possible. This is why we do everything to inspire our customers as long as it does not affect our corporate ethics.


For our fellow human beings

Who wants to do good must not accept anything bad. Thus ORNAMIN does not accept child labour and human rights abuses. We reject any kind of collaboration with doubtful contacts.

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For our children

We think of tomorrow and deal with topics such as prevention of resources, climate and demographic change as well as social and economic developments in order to be able to make a sustainable contribution for the following generations.

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For us

People have ideas, energy, dreams and visions – not machines. The success of a company is build on people – independent of age, origin, education and gender. At ORNAMIN everyone is hired as they are especially good at something and we do everything possible to develop their skills further. Our goal is excellence.

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For all of us

Recycling as well as the responsible dealing with resources is natural for us. Our machines and vehicles make an ecological and economic contribution. All developed and manufactured products by ORNAMIN are needed and offer additional benefits.

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Our mission

Design universally. Act sustainable. Be reasonable.
ORNAMIN is much more than just a plastics factory – with our commitment we provide for people to feel better, especially those in need of help. Get to know more about our commitment.