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Official ORNAMIN UK online shop launched!


Buying a product from ORNAMIN is now easier than ever: we launched the ORNAMIN UK online shop. Now our British customers can buy directly from us and get the best and fastest service as possible. In our online shop you can find all of our eating and drinking aids with hidden features for your loved ones as well as our sustainable to take away range and reusable tableware for your children or camping. Feel free to have a look!

Eröffnung Ornamin-Filiale

Successful shop opening: Ornamin opens first store in Gau-Bickelheim


On Saturday, 16 May 2020, Ornamin has reached another milestone in the company history and opened their first store in the Trigema outlet in Gau-Bickelheim near Frankfurt despite the covid-19 crisis. While having good weather, we welcomed many visitors from Gau-Bickelheim and the surroundings in our 130m² store. There was a great interest in our reusable products and to go articles, the customers praised the good quality and the smart design of the ORNAMIN tableware.

Owner and managing director of Trigema, Wolfgang Grupp, showed up personally at the store opening with his daughter Bonita and congratulated Ornamin’s managing director Holger von der Emde and his team. Both agreed that in times of the coronavirus it is not possible to celebrate large opening parties but affirm the collaboration and plan to extend the cooperation further.


Made in Germany connects: Ornamin opens their first store in the Trigema outlet in Gau-Bickelheim


There is hardly another brand in Germany which is as strongly associated with the words „Made in Germany“ as Trigema: In Burladingen on the Swabian Alb the owner and managing director Wolfgang Grupp and his approx. 1200 employees produce sportswear and leisure clothing from the cotton thread to the finished product. The clothes are sold online and in so-called test stores of which currently 45 exist Germany-wide, amongst others in Gau-Bickelheim.

Holger von der Emde, owner and managing director of Ornamin, also counts on „made in Germany“: With a staff of approx. 130 he produces durable reusable tableware for private use (e.g. in the garden or for camping) and professional use in the communal catering (e.g. canteens, nursing homes, hospitals and nurseries) as well as sustainable to go products for on the go (reusable cups and bowls) in Minden (Westphalia). Award-winning special tableware for people living with disabilities (e.g. dementia or after a stroke) are just as part of the product range as break-resistant children’s tableware.

During a meeting in Burladingen both owners discussed the opportunities of a cooperation. In the first step Ornamin opens their first German store (apart from factory outlet in Minden) in the Trigema outlet in Gau-Bickelheim.

„We are very excited to see how our store in Gau-Bickelheim is taken on and plan to extend this concept if it is successful“, says von der Emde. Currently there might be a specific uncertainty factor due to the coronavirus, „but this is no reason for us to postpone the opening – the social and economical life has to go on.“ „I am happy that Ornamin is a partner that also manufactures in Germany and wish great success in Gau-Bickelheim“, says Wolfgang Grupp.


Corona crisis: Ornamin essential supplier


As a manufacturer of products that are used in nursing and elderly care, in the medical-biotechnological sector (e.g. for the manufacture of medicines / vaccines) and in reusable systems for take away food and beverages, we assume that our production will continue even during the Corona crisis. Since the company was founded in 1955, Ornamin has been developing and producing plastic products 100% in Minden (Westphalia) in Germany, partly under clean room conditions. By the way: ORNAMIN’s offer is now listed in Crown Commercial Service’s COVID-19: Catalogue of supplier offers. The offer is available to all public and third sector organisations.


Sustainability in practice: plastic is a raw material


Committed to future generations: The reusable solutions from ORNAMIN made in Germany make a positive contribution to environmental and climate protection. The responsible use of resources and consistent material recycling (plastic is a raw material!) are a matter of course as is the use of the most modern and energy-saving technologies. This creates durable and reusable reusable products that save energy and resources and have an excellent ecological balance.

ORNAMIN Mindener Tafel e.V.

Sponsoring Mindener Tafel e.V.


The Mindener Tafel St. Martin is now a leading path: With the help of public sponsors an electric vehicle was purchased. ORNAMIN has been one of these sponsors since 2014 and from now on has its own logo on the new delivery vehicle.

Must have 31 sponsors made the possibility of the 40,000 euro delivery van possible. So does the city of Minden itself, from it two years of the cost of the charging station for the car become coincidental.

The Mindener Tafel covers a good 60,000 kilometers of travel distance and is subject to 1000 to 1200 people in a different way. We are happy to contribute a part to the personal work of the association, which is always accepted.

Dr Holger von der Emde

Melamine has to be considered in a differentiated way, interview with Dr. Holger von der Emde, 07.02.2020

What is the criticism regarding consumer products made of melamine all about? An interview with Dr. Holger von der Emde gives clarification. The current debate about the quality of consumer products made of melamine has caused a certain insecurity among consumers. To get more clarity, K-ZEITUNG spoke with Dr. Holger von der Emde, managing director of Ornamin-Kunststoffwerke GmbH & Co. KG, a medium-sized family company from Minden/Westphalia that develops and produces innovative eating and drinking aids.

Familie Erdelt bei ORNAMIN

When the boss works part-time, article by Christine Haas, 05.02.2020

Nowadays, it is usual for many employees to work part-time. But what about the managers? Meanwhile, companies start to use unusual measures in the war for talents. To be a dad should include more than just putting the child to bed, says Thorsten Erdelt. In turn his wife Natalie Dobler wanted both to be a mother but still have a career. The 42 year old and the 54 year old are managers in the same company, the plastic manufacturer Ornamin. Both are members of the extended management.

Herr Dr. von der Emde und Herr Müller von ORNAMIN

Personnel development is a matter for the boss, article by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

At Ornamin-Kunststoffwerke GmbH & Co. KG, director Dr. Holger von der Emde takes care of the personnel development himself. He conducts the majority of development conversations, knows his 143 employees and supports them in taking on new tasks. What is important to him: no career steps without goal. Half of the 30 managing positions are filled by women.

Ehepaar Erdelt & Dobler bei ORNAMIN

They give 150 percent, article by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

At Ornamin, the solutions for questions regarding the allocation of working hours are as individual as the people who need them to develop themselves on a professional level. A special example: A married couple who are both heads of department at Ornamin have two children and share a 150 percent position on two different managing positions. After both parental leaves, the mother could come back to her position as head of sales.


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