Smart reusable products

Smart reusable products

Reasonable recycling

Sustainable reusable plastics and recyclable materials by Ornamin

ORNAMIN Coffee to go-cup recyclable


ORNAMIN develops and produces sustainable products made of reusable plastic including innovative eating and drinking aids and reusable crockery for take away.

ORNAMIN environment-friendly


All ORNAMIN products are made of sustainable and reusable high-quality plastic which saves rescources due to its durability.

ORNAMIN excellent quality

100% Made in Germany

The whole reusable tableware by ORNAMIN as well as the technical plastic parts are developed and produced in Minden/Westphalia.

Reusable tableware

Expertise in plastics technology

The technology department creates sustainable and high-quality technical plastic parts for a highly diverse range of applications. The plastics processing covers amongst others 2K and 3K injection moulding, clean room production, processing of thermosets and 3D print. In the clean room production the plastics processing takes place under highest quality demands.


Ornamin produces exclusively sustainable and reusable products with reasonable and additional usage and ensures that people feel better.

These customers trust in ORNAMIN

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